The Mighty Few

by The Grand Astoria

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released May 18, 2015

physical release date 12.06.2015




[the label that has no name] Москва, Russian Federation

Super non-commercial label without name and logo, only hardcore, Bible and cat#s here. Maran atha!

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Track Name: Curse of the Ninth
And if you trust me baby
There's little secret that I keep
It sounds weird
And maybe not true at all
But I believe
There is a curse of ninth
Don't call me superstitious
Cos I know that it exists
Not mad at all
You boy just shut up and listen
What happened with the ones I used to know

Was it a hand of doom?
Whatever you may call it
Blessed with genius so pure
Another world they showed us
With all those colors insecure
Shone like the son of Odin
Ludwig van Beethoven
Walked like giant among the men
But he was first one touched by destiny
And number nine
Became his requiem

Once he's gone the legend grew
In numerous hearts and minds
Paralyzed by fear of death
They carried it thru their lives

Panic-stricken young and old
Shivers down the spine
And the figure dressed in black
Waits for those who crossed the line

Since we are all together
Here and now
Let's get the answers from Holy Lord
Why did you pick us?
And what's the deal with the ninth?
Is it your favorite number?
Or is it sort of a game
We are involved to play?
Look what you've done with the music Lord!
Clones and copies are standing in line for Hell
And it's already overcrowded!
Can't you see?

Holy Christ who are you?
I never heard of you
And what the hell are you talking about?
Never heard of the ninth
Been here all the time
Though maybe music was just too loud
Useless words never work
They hurt me even more
But anyway let this sound speak
Stuck in the silly ideas
Get rid of all your fears
And 27 is my lucky number by the way
Track Name: The Siege
Have you seen the fire
And the smoke behind the gates?
Shadows of another world
Are here to break the spell
Visions of the distant lands
And hazy galaxies
Dwell in their wildest dreams so finally they are here

Look they gain the powers
In the depths of inner strength
Dropped from the Elysian fields
They get stronger day by day
Robots from the flesh and blood
Still don't have no heart nor soul
Anyway we have to pay
As soon as they reach the goal

Silence speaks in ancient tongues
We fly into the rising Sun
Dream another dream
And get used to trust your intuition
Heaven looks like Hell right now
We sail into the rising Sun
For the greater good of God
I trust my intuition

And soon as they swallow you
A poor replica of you
A copy that once was true
Oh these were the day
They'll put you to golden cage
And feed you with fairytales
Of wonderful brave new world
Where no one is sad and old
They'll take all your thoughts away
Forget about yesterday
Cos it's only here and now
Behind the closed doors
In chambers they breed and kill
The embryos with no will
Who later will rule the place
With whips and the iron hand

Let them choke!
With my bones and my guts
And their somas
Their favorite movies
The blue pills and red pills
Whatever they swallow
Let them choke!
And then puke
With gold and silver
And nuclear powers
The motherless children and ivory towers
The cadillacs, limos
Stars from the Broadway
And avenue A, and the B, and the C
Whatever they swallow
Don't take it
Don't need it
Whatever they call it
Forget it
Forever and ever
Together we'll stand on the edge of the world

The key once was broken
The faith once was lost
And words of suspect
Are the ones we trust
In cozy dementia we sail thru the waves
Of sea of stagnation
And ocean of lies
The prayers have been answered
And slowly we rise
From deepest of comas
And least we have tried
The Brown and The Grey
Which color is yours?
And it still says "Obey"
Your own inner walls

Memorable visions and picturesque dreams
Moonflower seeds and the colorful beams
Of the rising Sun!
Misfortune tellers and innocent souls
Those who were sleeping for thousands of years
Hail the rising Sun!